In itself, social service has become the biggest work in which there is no evaluation, no result, nor any kind of bond. The eternal field is the place to serve the society, no matter where you try your hand, keep using your fun and stay cool.

Seeing the way innumerable people are engaged in the field of social service, it seems that in our country, there remains a Mahakumbh of social service everywhere. In this proportion, infinite areas of social service also exist in us.

Along with this, many names of social thinkers, social workers, social workers etc. are also beautiful, which have been spreading in every field. There is no area left in which this type of people is no longer available.

Two types of people exist in all dimensions of social service. One is those who work for any kind of service to the society, work with whole body, mind and money and also participate in their own money-money participation in service work.

There are many people who do not have money, but play with body and mind. While there are many people who have all three, body and mind, but except for wealth, their body and mind are engaged in social service.

And of these, there is another species which does what it does in the name of social service and only for publicity. If there is no publicity, then these people stay in homes and their tents, not even exit.

There is also a variety that has nothing but knows how to use the money of others. Those who have affluence and those who do social service work honestly . Their point is different, but there are many people who are engaged in so many trades and pranks in the name of social service day and night and in the race to get a reputation as a great philanthropist, they have been raging madly, but these people Never miss a penny from him.

Social service in itself is a word with a huge meaning, whose foundation rests on sacrifice, austerity and philanthropy, in such a way that rich people, who are reluctant to withdraw money for social service on their behalf, are capable of emptying the pockets of others, They cannot be true philanthropists because they are neither sinless nor sacrificed and ascetic.

A real philanthropist can be the one in which the spirit of collection ends and the feelings of living and sacrificing everything for the society are filled with codification.



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